The first contest that Israel faced in a bid to receive their inheritance was Jericho. Jericho is the first hostility you face in your journey to possess your inheritance. Jericho is inclusive of the other lands. Jericho was a tithe of the new land. It represented all the other things. If Jericho had been able to push them back, they wouldn’t be able to occupy the other lands.

Tithe is a representation of all. It breaks the power to hold on to whole.

When they got Jericho, nobody lived there. Nobody took anything from that land. It is a first fruit unto the Lord. Getting Jericho was getting the inheritance and the manner of the battle was also significant. Jericho symbolizes the power of the devil acting through the flesh. It is symbolic of the strength of the flesh.

Jericho had high walls and strong barricades. It represents that thing that is too strong for you. When flesh is overcome, there is nothing Satan can do to you. Satan can only attack you in the flesh. Jericho represents a diabolical evil acting through the flesh. We have come to a pace where inheritance is in view and Satan wants to disposes you so that you leave with nothing.

There are heritages that have been allotted to us. Some people do not enter in because of the flesh. It was Jericho that fought Judas. Flesh rose in him and he looked at the Lord and suddenly the Lord didn’t mean anything to him. What made the glory of the son to fade in his sight? When Jericho happens that which is divine becomes desecrated.

Sometimes the enemy wins us in a spiritual battle because we cannot discern his operation. As a people of God, we represent a portal for the blessings of God to flow to this generation. Part of the things principalities and powers do is to stop the move of God, to stop the flow of God’s life. It’s like the well of Abraham that was dug for many.

When you cross Jordan, Jericho will come. Consider Jericho as a prince. Those places are princes. Cities are shaped according to their princes. Jericho is a wicked spirit. He operates through the flesh. He uses the flesh as a launching pad. We must not be ignorant of the devices of the devil. We do not care about his depths but we are not ignorant of his devices. Whenever that spirit lashes out with a whip, and you react in the flesh, the thing will energize and escalate.

Once you identify it as Jericho, ignore the flesh and get in the spirit. If you are fighting Jericho, get in the spirit. Immediately Jesus came from Jordan, He was driven to the wilderness. The Holy Ghost led him to the wilderness and Satan showed Him things that were appealing to vanity. If you yield to Jericho, you would be swept off your feet and carried away. The allurement of the devil comes through the flesh. Jericho wants to stir against us, but if you understand the wiles of the enemy you will win the war before it starts.

Sometimes our warfare lies in the decision we make. God could have been the God of Abraham, Isaac and Esau, if Esau had made a right decision. But that is not to be. Don’t let Jericho pass through you. Don’t go down in history as the person that opens the door to evil.

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