Another interesting thing about Jordan is that it is a place of new beginning. For Israel, it was the end of an era, the end of an economy. On the other side, they ate manna, but now they will eat milk and honey. A whole new life is opened in this realm. Receive it! New things do happen; after the night comes the morning. Jordan is the place of new beginning. Jordan represents the beginning of Joshua’s ministry.

You will not stop in the Jordan; you will not die in the Jordan. Your life will not stay in the places it has always been in Jesus name.

When they first crossed the Red Sea, it was only Moses doing the whole thing. But a lot of developments took place in the wilderness; the ark was born in the wilderness. For some of us, a lot of things have been shaped in us and it is those things that will speak in the future.

The last steps of Elijah and Elisha were in Jordan, and the first step of Elisha after Elijah left was Jordan. At the Jordan also, we see the beginning of John the Baptist. He was in the wilderness till the day of his showing forth. We also see Jesus. He started his ministry at Jordan, after His baptism the spirit of the Lord rested on Him. Thereafter He was driven into the wilderness.

For all these men mentioned, going through life began on a new scale for them at Jordan. Joshua’s ministry was validated after crossing Jordan. Elisha was approved in the sight of the sons of the prophets when He crossed over and a new standard of life began for Him. John the Baptist wasn’t known until he got to Jordan and all Israel gathered to him. Jesus had 30 years of silence until His ministry started at Jordan. This means a new standard of life. They all came into their inheritance.

If you cross through Jordan, what you will get afterwards is inheritance. After the Jordan experience of your life comes inheritance. However, the inheritance won’t come without contention. The Israelites had to fight to take hold of the land. There had to be a dispossessing to own it. God told them He had given them to posses it. It has been given, but it must be possessed. We don’t fight to receive it. We fight to occupy, to possess it.

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