Going through Jordan is symbolic to having death and resurrection happening in your life. It was physical for the children of Israel but for the spiritual Israel there is a Jordan for us in the Spirit. There is Zion in the Spirit and a New Jerusalem in the Spirit that is symbolic of the future. There is also a Jordan called Golgotha, the place of crucifixion.

Jordan is symbolic of the cross of Jesus Christ, the place where the flesh is done away. The cross is where the old man stops, and the ordinances against you ended at the cross. That old man that was your jailer, stopped at the cross. That is where the old man dies. The cross is one of the greatest blessings given to us. The cross is a spiritual remedy that has been conditioned to wipe out the old man.

Jordan is the place where there is death but after death comes the resurrection of the dead. It is not that which was dead that was merely brought back to life. Rather what was dead was also taken away. A seed of corn dies, and if God does not touch it, no miracle will happen in the ground. Naturally, the seed dies, and when it dies, God touches it. So, a part of me doesn’t just die and comes back again. No, life is something that could only come from God.

God is more in the earth than we know. The seed is not quickened until it dies. When resurrection takes place, we are brought from our former root into another root. You don’t exist on the same basis. When a man gets converted, he lives his life by new energies, new abilities. Something divine enters him and drives his life. There are new abilities pushing him. Resurrection sets you on another platform. A resurrected man knows his life is on another plane.

When people get born again they become spiritual infants in the Lord. Even if a 65-year-old professor gets converted today, he needs revelation. He has to live by the Spirit. All you have is intellectual knowledge until the word of God is assimilated inside you. The entrance of the words gives light. Revelation in your spirit is integration. It infuses the word into you.

When we are raised into life, we walk in the newness of life. Jesus didn’t have it in himself to raise himself, God had to raise him. Many times our lives ought to get to that place where it is in God’s hands. At that point you are left to the mercy of God. One of the places God wants to gets us is a place of total dependence on God. It is different from the resignation of a loser who has lost hope. This is faith at its highest point. We enter into the rest of God.

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