Ministries and Projects

TSL Media Project

Our media project exists for the purpose of ‘resourcing’ the Body of Christ. Media portals include Lively Oracles, our daily devotionals that has blessed believers, not just in Africa but in other continents, CentrePort TV and our teaching DVDs and CDs.

Voice to the Churches

The purpose for this interaction is to prophesy God’s mind to the church, thereby providing spiritual direction, recalibration and inspiration.

The Lord Jesus is seen in Revelations 2 & 3, in the midst of the 7 churches in Asia assessing, inspiring, correcting, giving spiritual direction, recalibrating and strengthening these churches. Here the Lord takes His place as functional head. It is His voice that is the instrument by which He occupies these objectives.

Voice to the Churches is a platform where the Lord comes in our midst to release not just his word but His voice.

Pure Sounds Project

The purpose of this project is to train people on how to flow in prophetic anointing in music and to push towards the establishment of prophetic worship as a widespread practice within the church as well as secure the release of a new generation through release of a new sound in the earth.

Perfecting the Saint

A teaching outreach devoted to helping believers attain to their highest calling in Christ.

Let the Artists Prophecy

A creativity studio which serves to inspire, instruct, equip and network artists and creative people so they can rise to the full span of their callings as seers and/or governors within the church and society. The first summit was held in February 2011 at the Sheraton Hotels and Towers, Abuja.

Future Thoughts Leaders

Future Thought Leaders project (national & campus summits)

The first Future Thought Leaders’ Summit was held in 2007, in Lagos Nigeria. Born out of the desire to invest into realities that are shaping the future of our world, this project enables us to mobilize, influence, and equip, resource, network and inspire future thought leaders for effective stewardship of the future.

Campus summits are held in universities and tertiary institutions in Nigeria, and a national summit pulls participation from right across the country, of not just undergraduates but professionals from all fields of human endeavor and especially in ‘thought’ related disciplines.