Our Vision

  • To develop each man (and woman) in his highest calling – the call to sonship – while modelling a 21st century Kingdom community.
  • To be part of God’s invasion squad for releasing a strong move of the Spirit in Abuja and Jos.
  • To be a people who love God and flow in abundance of divine life, brotherly love, care, community, God’s presence and the supernatural.
  • To be known as a people who are committed to the deep things of God.
  • To be a voice for God’s righteousness in the earth.
  • To be a place where sight/vision is imparted and where folks are brought into greater alignment with the heavenly order.
  • To provide coordination for a variety of Kingdom initiatives especially relating to young professionals and undergrads.
  • To provide platforms, covering, mentoring, spiritual direction, resource and support for related works, churches and persons not even connected to CentrePort.
  • To raise new cosmokrats who would release Kingdom influence and government in the nations.

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