Prudence in the Spirit. Pt. 1. 9th Oct. 2016…


  1. April 1, 2017

    I listened to this message and THANK you so much for this message Pst EP. I could understand the tongues you spoke in 27mins – 30mins and also while you preached about prudence, i finally realized some of the nudges i get and the sudden burst of joy i ALWAYS feel. I have told my colleagues at work and many a time, i used to not know why or what it was. But now i can tune in better to the frequency of the spirit-leading. Even at the end of this message, i seemingly had a practicum of a sort: a burst of tongues and just then, you ended the message.I am deeply EXCITED and my prayer right now is I WANT TO KNOW CHRIST. I want all about the PERSON called GOD. Thank you sir

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